Exclusive Cotton Dark Color Dyeing Recipe And Dyeing Process

The standard dark color dyeing recipe and process for 100% cotton fabric is so important to get a better result. This recipe and process are 100% applied. You can use it for your production.

Cotton is a natural and renewable product that has been used in many different types of industries, such as textiles and paper, for centuries. Dyeing cotton is an environmentally friendly process that can produce beautiful results when done correctly. Due to the natural brunette color of cotton, dyeing it in dark colors such as black, navy blue, or burgundy can add contrast and give it a unique appearance.

100% cotton dark color dyeing standard recipe

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Fabric Type: 100% Cotton ( S/J ) Batch No:  Color: Black 
StepType of ChemicalsBrand Name of chemicals DossingProcess(Temp/Time)
PretreatmentEco ScourNot to share 1.0 g/lL:R = 1:7 
 Oil removerNot to share  1.0 g/l90’C X 20 MIN
 Anti creasing agentNot to share 0.80 g/l 
     L:R = 1:7 
LevelingLeveling agentnot to share 0.20 g/l60’C 
 Leveling agentnot to share 0.80 g/lPH: 6.20
 Anti creasing agentnot to share 1.00 g/l 
 Sequestering agentnot to share 0.80 g/l 
 Bio polishing agentnot to share 0.50 g/l 
     L:R = 1:7 
Dyeing Reactive DyesNot to share 0.12%60’C 
 Reactive DyesNot to share 2.70% 
 Reactive DyesNot to share 5% 
 ElectrolyteNot to share 100 g/l50% 50%;
 AlkaliNot to share 25 g/l2 time
     L:R = 1:7 
After treatmentSoaping agentNot to share 0.70 g/l80’C X 10 MIN
 Leveling agentNot to share 0.2 g/l 
     L:R = 1:7 
FixingFixing agentNot to share 1.00 g/l40’C X15 MIN
     L:R = 1:7 
SoftenerOrganic acidNot to share 0.2 g/l50’C x 15 min; 
 Cationic SoftenerNot to share 1.00 g/lPH: 5.5

100% cotton dark color dyeing process

The full dyeing process is given below. But you can see the scouring, bleaching, and bio-polishing process in my other post. Process steps are

Load the fabric

Scouring and bleaching

Bio polishing

Leveling ph check =6.5

Temperature 60

Leveling dossing

Runtime 10 minute

Salt inject

Runtime 10 minute

Color dossing 25 minutes (linear)

Runtime 10 minute

Salt sample check

1st soda dossing 25 minutes (1 g/l)

Runtime 10 minute

Rest off soda dossing 25 minute

Runtime 10 minute

Sample check

After treatment





In the end, I will say that this is 100% applied to the process and recipe and you can use it. One more thing the dosing of dyes and chemicals depends on the concentration of chemicals and required shade. You have to change it according to your requirement.

You may read the below article and you can find the scouring, bleaching, bio-polishing, and after-the-treatment process.

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