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Dyeing Fabric With Flower Petals

dyeing fabric with flower patels

When most people think of dyeing fabric, they probably think of using synthetic dyes from the craft store. Which is so harmful to the human body skin. However, natural dyes can also be used, and they can be made from ingredients that are found in your garden or kitchen. Which is 100% save for our …

Fleece Fabric || Dyeing, Finishing, and Testing Of 100% Cotton Fleece Fabric With A Complete Practical Experiment

fleece fabric

Fleece fabric is a type of Knit fabric that can make from different fibers like wool, cotton, or other synthetic materials. It is a soft, lightweight fabric that is often used for jackets, blankets, and other clothing items. Fleece fabric is known for its warmth and comfort, and it is often used in colder weather …

Flow Chart Of Space Dyeing Process

Flow Chart Of Space Dyeing Process

Space dyeing is a special type of modern dyeing method in the present world. Its process flow chart helps you a better result. The flow chart of the space dyeing process begins with the yarn being loaded onto the cones. The yarn is then placed into the dye bath, and the dye is allowed to …