100% Cotton Fabric White Color Standard Recipe and Dyeing Process

100% Cotton Fabric White Color Standard Recipe and Dyeing Process Are discussed below. White is a very sensitive color and its recipe and process are also sensitive. This is 100% applied to the process and you can use it for production for getting better results.

100% Cotton Fabric White Color Standard Recipe

Here I stated the standard dosing of chemicals but it will be changed according to its consentration.

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Fabric Type : 100% Cotton ( S/J ) Color: White 
StepType of ChemicalsDossingProcess(Temp/Time)
Loading hotAnti creasing agent 1.0 g/lL:R = 1:6 
 Sequestering agent0.50 g/l90’C X 20 MIN
 Alkali 1.0 g/l 
 Oil remover1.0 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6 
PretreatmentDetergent0.80 g/l60’C 
 Anticreasing agent1.00 g/l4BK D= 80’C X 20
 Sequestering agent0.50 g/l 
 Stabilizer1.00 g/l 
 Alkali3.00 g/l 
 Bleaching agent9.00 g/l 
 Bio polishing agent0.50 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6 
Dyeing labBrightener0.28%100’C X 30 MIN
   L:R = 1:6 
After treatmentSequestering agent0.50 g/l80’C X 10 MIN
   L:R = 1:6 
SoftenerOrganic acid0.2 g/l40’C x 15 min; 
 Nonionic Softener1.00 g/lPH : 5.5

100% Cotton Fabric White Color Standard Dyeing Process

Load the fabric

Anticreae+Detergent Inject = For remove impurities

Wash and Drain

Detergent+Anticreasing agent+Oil remover+Peroxide stabilizer inject

Caustic soda dossing 10min

Run time 5min

Rise temperature at 70 ⁰C

Inject the Hydrogen peroxide

Rise the temperature 98 ⁰C

Run time 60 min

Cooling at 78 ⁰C

Brightner dossing 5min

Rise temperature 98 ⁰C

Runtime 40min

Shade check = Check the whiteness

If ok drain

Normal hot at 80 ⁰C

Run time 10 min

Inject Acetic acid = For neutralization of Soda

Run time 5min

Drain and wash for 5min

Rise the temperature at 55 0c

Control PH= 4.5 with acetic acid

Inject Enzyme

Run time 40min

Check sample hairiness and brightness also

If ok then raise the temperature at 800c

Run 5min

Drain and wash the enzyme dust

Nonionic softener dossing 5min

Runtime 10min



100% applied to process and you can use it.

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