100% Viscose Single Jersey Fabric Dyeing Standard Recipe

100% viscose single jersey fabric dyeing standard recipe is stated here. Viscose is so sensitive fabric. So, the dyeing recipe and viscose dyeing process are also the most sensitive. Its recipe and dyeing process is different from the 100% cotton fabric dyeing recipe and dyeing process. Whereas viscose is one kind of cellulose (Regenerated cellulose) fiber as cotton fiber.

Dyeing recipe of 100% viscose fabric:

Buyer :Store ref :Quantity : 
Fabric Type : 100% Viscose ( S/J with elastane) Color: 
Batch No:   
StepType of ChemicalsDossingProcess(Temp/Time)
PretreatmentEco scour1.5 g/lL:R = 1:6
 Oil Remover 1.0 g/l90’C X 30 MIN
 Anticreasing agent1.0 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6
LevelingLeveling agent1.00 g/l60’C
 PH : 6.20
 Anticreasing agent1.00 g/l 
 Sequestering agent0.80% 
   L:R = 1:6
DyeingReactive DyesAccording to shade60’C
 Reactive DyesAccording to shade 
 Electrolyte10 g/l50% 50%;
 Alkali3 g/l2 time
   L:R = 1:6
After treatmentSoaping agent0.60 g/l60’C X 10 MIN
 Leveling agent0.2 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6
FixingFixing agent1.00 g/l50’C X 20 MIN
   L:R = 1:6
SoftenerOrganic acid0.2 g/l50’C x 15 min;
 Cationic Softener1.00 g/lPH: 5.5

Final word:

All Dyes% and chemical dosing depends on the supplier’s recommendation


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