Cotton-Nylon Blend Fabric Dyeing Process Step By Step

Introduction of cotton-nylon blend fabric dyeing process:

The dyeing of cotton-nylon blend fabric dyeing process is more famous in the textile industry. Here cotton is dyed with reactive dyes. The dyeing temperature is normally 60⁰C. On the other hand nylon dyeing with acid dyes. The acid dyeing temperature is 98⁰C. So there is difficulty with the dyeing cotton and nylon dyeing process. In this case, cotton dyeing for the first time is good practice. Because cotton has more good fastness properties than nylon. At the temperature of 98⁰C cotton does not lose its color. But sometimes shade can be lighter. For this reason, it should keep 10% to 15% darker than the original.

Cotton-nylon blend fabric dyeing process:

Cotton and nylon blend fabric dyeing processes are given below step by step

Load the fabric

Soda scouring

No enzyme

Ctn part dyeing 10%-15% dark

Normal hot, acid

Soaping hot at 98⁰C, Runtime=10minute

Cold wash

Nylon part dyeing

PH 4.5-5.50

 Dyes 3% (Depends on shade)

Temperature 40c color dosing 10 minute 


98⁰C (Grade=1⁰C/min) , Runtime=30 minute


Shade check

Soaping  agent  80⁰C, Runtime=15 minute

Shade check

Fixing  agent for nylon pH= 5-5.5



The dyeing of cotton-nylon blend fabric dyeing process is a unique applied process.

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