Tie Dye Aboriginal Flag Shirt

Tie dye is a technique of dying fabric in which the fabric is tied tightly in different places before being dyed. This results in patterns on the fabric. The Aboriginal flag is a flag that represents the Aboriginal people of Australia.

It is a black, red, and yellow flag with a black stripe down the middle. The Tie Dye Aboriginal Flag Shirt is a shirt that has been tie dyed and has the Aboriginal flag printed on it.

Tie dye is a beautiful way to show your Aboriginal pride! This Tie Dye Aboriginal Flag Shirt is the perfect way to do just that. The shirt features the Aboriginal flag in a stunning tie dye design.

It’s the perfect shirt for any proud Aboriginal person.

Tie Dye Aboriginal Flag Shirt

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What Inspired You to Create This Design

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What Does the Design Represent

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How Did You Choose the Colors for the Shirt

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How-To Create a Flag Design With Tulip Tie Dye

Aboriginal Flag Timeline

In 1971, Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas designed the Aboriginal flag. The flag was originally flown at Victoria Square in Adelaide on National Aborigines Day, July 1972. The colours of the flag represent the earth (red), the sun (yellow) and Aboriginal people (black).

The flag became a widely recognized symbol of Aboriginal Australia and was flown at various events and protests throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In 1995, the Aboriginal flag was recognised as an official Flag of Australia alongside the Australian national flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag. Today, the Aboriginal flag is a powerful symbol of Aboriginal pride and identity.

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Take Pride

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This shirt features the Aboriginal flag in a beautiful tie dye design. It is perfect for showing your pride in your heritage, or for making a fashion statement. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.