Garment Washing Process Flow Chart With Risk Assessment

The garment washing process flow chart is so important factor to complete the process properly. There is some difficulties in the process. some proper solutions are also available to solve these difficulties. So that this is the article for the process flow chart and its risk assanment with corrective and preventive action.

Garment washing process flow chart:

Received Garments from store


Batch inspection as per work instruction

Garments loading in machine




Garments unload

Hydro extraction


Quality check

Test all parameter

If ok then delivery


Risk assessment of garments washing process flow chart with corrective and preventive action:

ProcessProductRiskPreventive actionCorrective actionConcerned department
1. BatchingRFD GarmentRisk of faulty dyeingProperly check the lot no. and fabric batch no.Review document of cutting followed by a different sticker for different fabric lot & batches.Batch
2. Garment loadingRFD GarmentRisk of faulty dyeingSelect M/C depending on fabric type & capacity, and remove all stickerReview the M/C RPM depending on fabric type & Garment styling.Washing
3. PretreatmentRFD GarmentRisk of uneven dyeing, chemical spot, health issue of the operator.Check proper dosage of chemicals, use safety equipment, and maintain temperature properly.Review the pretreatment process and take necessary steps according to the fault have done.Washing
4. CationizationCationized garmentRisk of having uneven dyeing, spot.Confirm proper dosage of cationized, check PH, and temperature.Recheck the PH, and take documentation about action dosage.Washing
5. DyeingDyed GarmentRisk of uneven, crease mark, color spot, chemical spot, softener spot, health issue of operatorFollow the standard dyeing process, maintain PH, check the recipe, check matching shade, proper color mixing, proper dosing, proper chemical,  RFT, and batch to batch percentageRe-`process to the dyed fabric for faulty dyeing, make documentation about RFT and batch to batch percentage and adjust the recipe for the next batchWashing
6. Garment UnloadDyed GarmentRisk of a spot on the GarmentProper trolly management, check the PH of the fabric before unloading.Cover the dyed Garment on the floor, and manage to hydro extract immediately.Washing
7. HydroextractionHydroextracted
Risk of spot  Proper hydro extraction depends on fabric type and garment Styling.Select Different RPMs for different fabric types &
Garment styling
8. DryerDryed GarmentRisk of spot and rejectionProper dryer selection checking cleanliness, RPM, and Steam Pressure.Review the cleanliness, RPM & steam pressure depending on garment typeWashing
9. QC and lab testQC passed GarmentRisk of bad quality Garment to delivery, mixing with the tolerance level, risk of being failed to the lab test.Awareness about the Tolerance level, Follow buyer given test method and standard, test according to the process carefully.Review and re-check the buyer standard and test method.Washing & Q.A Department
10. DeliveryDelivery to storeRisk of counting mistakeN/AN/AStore


This is the perfect and effective garments washing process flow chart and its risk assessment.

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