Single Jersey Fabric Yarn Count And Gsm Chart

Single jersey fabric is the most common using fabric all over the world. Single jersey fabric can be made from different fibers like 100%cotton, CVC, PC,100% polyester, viscose, rayon, linen, wool, or much other fiber. So that the yarn count and gsm will be different from each other. Single jersey fabric yarn count and gsm chart will also vary from each other.


Single jersey fabric yarn count and gsm chart:

I am sharing the actual using yarn count and gsm chart which is used in the present world practically. let’s see the yarn count agonist the GSM 120,130,140,150,160,170,180,190,195,200,210,220 and 250. The chart is given below is 100% applied chart.

Single jersey fiber typeYarn countGsm
100% cotton34/1 CB 120
Cotton 50% + 50% Modal40/1 50% CTN 50% MODAL130
100% Cotton30/1 C 140
PC 65%+35%34/1 PC 65/35140
100% cotton30/1 CB150
CVC 60%+40%30/1 CVC 60/40  VORTEX150
PC 65%+35%30/1 PC 65/35150
PC 50%+50%30/1 SIRO 50/50150
Neps 30/1 NCPS150
100% cotton28/1 CB 160
80% Cotton + 20% recycle cotton26/1 160
100% cotton26/1 CB170
100% cotton24/1 CB180
PC 50%+50%24/1 PC 50/50V180
80%combed+ 20% carded cotton20/1 CARD 80/20180
PC 50%+50%24/1 SIRO 50/50180
PC 65%+35%24/1 PC 65/35 VORTEX180
100% cotton20/1 190
90% cotton+ 10% mell20/1 MEL 10%195
80% polyester + 20% linen20/1 PL 80/20200
100% cotton22/1 CTN 200
100% Cotton18/1 CB220
100% cotton18/1 Compact210+00
100% cotton Rotor30/2 PLY Rotor250+320

Final word:

The yarn court and gsm depend on money factors like fabric color, stitch length, machine gauge, many other factors. So that Single Jersey Fabric Yarn Count And Gsm Chart can be varied by changing the defined factor.

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