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Special Durable Finishes In Textile 2022

Durable finishes in textile mean the special fabric finishing by which fabric will be durable for up to several years. It creates a special coating over the fabric surface. This coating helps to release tears of fabric from others. So that it will be longer lusting. This finish also creates a smooth, silicone feel over …

Stripping Process Of Reactive Dyes Of Knitted Fabric

The stripping process of reactive dyes of knitted fabric is the process of removing the reactive dyes from the fabric. This is also called the stripping process of the textile industry. This is needed for the solution of faulty or uneven dyeing. Stripping Process Of Reactive Dyes: Fabric load Normal Hot 60*10 minute Wash 5 …

Most Using Chemical Management Procedure For Eco level Or Conventional Production Of A Textile Industry 2021

chemical management procedure

Purpose of chemical management procedure: The purpose of this chemical management procedure is to ensure that all the chemicals that are procured, handled, stored, identified, authorized for use in a will-documented, prescribed to ensure a controlled & safe use of the chemicals for Eco-label and Conventional production.  This will be the most effective management system …


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