Are Knitting Needles Allowed On Planes in 2021?

Are knitting needles allowed on planes

Holidays and traveling are somewhat most of us love. But still, they seem to be stressful at frequent times. For example- you need to be in the long queue and have different security checks before boarding the plane. Still, you can find a way to relieve your stress. To remove this stress knitting with needles …

5 Best Clothing Fabric Dye Color For Clothes Reviews 2022


The recent trend of best clothing fabric dye color for clothes has been changing drastically. Now, with the help of new technology, people are able to dye their clothes any color they want. There are many colors to choose from and people have been getting creative with their colors. The question is what would be …

5 Best Dyes For Clothes To Buy 2022


The best dyes for clothes is one that will not fade quickly and will maintain the color of the fabric. For this reason, it is best to use a dye that is made of natural products or chemical dyes with high fixation. Permanent dyes are the best type of dye for clothes because they will …

What Is Cotton Linen Blend Fabric? It’s Knitting, Dyeing,& Finishing Development

What Is Cotton Linen Blend Fabric

The fabric which contains cotton and linen fiber is called cotton linen blend fabric. We are discussing the basics of cotton-linen blend fabric. We discuss “What Is Cotton Linen Blend Fabric? Knitting, Dyeing,& Finishing Development of cotton linen fabric. Normally we represent the measurement of cotton-linen blend fabric by yeard. What is linen fabric? Linen …

CVC 60%+40% French Terry Fabric and Its Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing Development

CVC 60%+40% French Terry Fabric

In present days we normally use 100% cotton or wool french terry fabric. Here I am discussing CVC 60%+40% French Terry Fabric. This is to achieve higher durability and strength with the same smooth and softness. The French terry (CVC 60%+40%) fabric is often used for luxurious warmth, softness, and durability. It’s made of cotton-polyester …

Carbon Emissions Textile Industry | How to Reduce Or Implement in 2022

Carbon Emissions Textile Industry

Reducing carbon emissions textile industry typically means consuming less energy. There are many ways to reduce carbon emissions textile industry including High Energy efficiency Confirm fuel switching, Both heat and power, Use of renewable energy, Recycling of materials. Carbon emissions are usually measured in terms of an annual footprint that considers the impact of all …


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