Can You Dye Viscose And Elastane Fabric?

The question is “Can You Dye Viscose And Elastane Fabric?” The answer is Yes, we can dye viscose and elastane fabric. Viscose is regenerated cellulose fiber. It is a special fabric and it needs special care to dye the fabric. 100% viscose fabric dyeing process and Viscose elastane fabric dyeing process nearly same.

viscose elastane
Viscose spandex

Viscose in normal used for layers garments. Sometimes for gents. To get elastic properties, elastane is added to viscose fabric. Normally we use 5% to 10% elastane to viscose fabric to get better results. That is why no need to dye elastane parts in fabric. We dye only the viscose part.

Viscose And Elastane knit fabric dyeing flow chart:

Fabric from knitting gray store


Heat setting

Back Sewing


Delivery to finishing

Viscose and elastane fabric dyeing process:

Detergent+anticreaseing = Inject

Temp 40c*= Fabric Load

Soda Ash Lt +VSC (Multifunctional scouring agent) Dosing 5 minute  

 H2O2 Dosing 5 Minute

Runtime 80c*40 Minute


Normal Hot 70*10

Acid 60*10 Minute

Leveling Ph check 6.20

Levelling Dosing 60c 3 Minute

Color Dosing 25 Minute

Runtime 10

1st 10% Salt Dosing 10 Minute

Runtime 10 Minute

2nd 20% Salt dosing 10 Minute

Runtime 10 Minute

3rd 70% Salt dosing 10 Minute

Temperature 80c 15 minute

Colling 60c

Salt Sample check

1st 10% Soda dosing 15 minute

Runtime 10 minute

2nd 20% Soda dosing 15 minute

Runtime 10 minute

3rd 70% Soda dosing 15 minute

Runtime 10 minute

Sample check


Hot wash


Water clear

Inject soaping agent

Rise temperature at 80’C (According to shade)

Runtime 10min

If the shade is ok then drain the batch

Wash clear

softener dossing 10min

Unload the fabric and delivery it to finishing


Viscose is a special fabric all over the world and lycra/elastane viscose fabric dyeing is also special. Viscose elastane fabric dyeing is a common process. But it is possible.

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