100% Cotton Fabric Knitting Dyeing Process (Reactive dye), Flow Chart With Complete Practical Documentation 2021

cotton fabric knitting dyeing process

Cotton is the most popular useable fiber in the world. Here we discuss the 100% cotton fabric knitting dyeing process, dyeing process with reactive dye, finishing process, and flow chart of knitting, dyeing, and finishing process with complete practical documentation which I did recently. Dyeing cotton fabric at home is also a common practice in …

Tencel Cotton Blend Fabric Knitting And Dyeing With A Practical Experiment Full Data 2021

tencil cotton blend fabric

Great || Cotton is a cellulose fiber and Tencel is regenerated cellulose fiber. So Tencel cotton blend fabric is cellulosic. So that the characteristics of these two fibers are a little bit similar. This fabric is specially designed for undergarments sportswear with better comfort. Basic properties of cotton: Absorbent Non toxic Biodegradable Cellulosic fiber Sustainable …

Most Using Chemical Management Procedure For Eco level Or Conventional Production Of A Textile Industry 2021

chemical management procedure

Purpose of chemical management procedure: The purpose of this chemical management procedure is to ensure that all the chemicals that are procured, handled, stored, identified, authorized for use in a will-documented, prescribed to ensure a controlled & safe use of the chemicals for Eco-label and Conventional production.  This will be the most effective management system …

What Does Moisture-Wicking Fabric Mean & Mechanism Of Wiking


“What is wicking fabric or what does moisture-wicking mean?” is a common question in textile learners. Wiking finish is the special finishing procedure in textile. The fabric is treated with a wicking agent called wicking fabric. Wicking fabric: wicking fabrics are the special ultramodern technical fabrics that make the moisture away from the body. This …


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