Nylon fabric dyeing process- For practical use

nylon fabric dyeing process

Introduction of 100% nylon fabric dyeing process: Nylon fabric dyeing process is the process of nylon fabric dyeing with acid dyes. These acid dyes are effective for protein fiber. As a result wool, silk, nylon, and modified acrylic can dye easily. Acid dyes has also good fastness properties than basic dyes. Acid dyes are highly …

viscose fabric dyeing process- for practical use 2021

viscose fabric dyeing process

Introduction of viscose fabric dyeing process Viscose fabric dyeing process is so sensitive process in the dyeing industry. Viscose is regenerated cellulosic fiber. Its strength is not as good as cotton fiber. As a result, it needs extra care during processing. It is famous for its end uses. Soft hand feel and glossy effect make …

natural dyeing process of cotton- For practical use & experiment

natural dyeing process of cotton

Introduction of natural dyeing process of cotton: Natural dyeing process of cotton is the application of natural dyes to the fiber molecule of cotton fabric. It is the most popular dyeing procedure at present because less amount of hazardous chemicals are using. As a result, peephole converting to the natural dyeing process of cotton. Now …

textile dyeing process-for practical use

Textile dyeing process

textile dyeing process Of light color and process flow chart of cotton fabric: Nother fiber is good as cotton fiber. Cotton is a natural fiber. It is useing all over the world. So that the dyeing process is special. As a result this is so important for the textile industry. A flow chart of cotton …


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