Quality Control Flow Chart Of Placement Print

Quality control/assurance flow chart of placement print is the chart of an overall quality control procedure of placement print.

Quality Control Flow Chart Of Placement Print

Cut panel receive from cutting

Approval sample and break down received from merchandiser

5% cut panel check no before print

One pcs production for approval as per sample


Quality and measurement check all size

Ball curing / Heat press

After curing and before curing shade and shrinkage check

wash fastness check

Cut panel check 100%

Delivery to cutting

Short description of some steps for quality Control Flow Chart

Some steps are discussed below for better understanding…………………

Approval sample: Check of some points

  1. Style
  2. Design
  3. Color and Quality

5% cut panel Check: The points are–

  1. Length and wide mesurement check
  2. Any spot
  3. Hole
  4. Crrease mark
  5. Cut mark

Ball curing / Heat press:

  1. Temperature check
  2. Running speed check
  3. 5 point check

Wash Fastness check

  1. First pcs wash 40’C and 50min
  2. Next after 500pcs 40’C and 20min


The above discussion will clarify the Quality Control Flow Chart Of Placement Print.

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