What Is CVC 60%+40% Single Jersey Fabric Standard Dyeing Recipe?

CVC 60%+40% Single Jersey Fabric Standard Dyeing Recipe is a two-part dyeing recipe. Here the polyester part is dyeing at first and then the cotton part is dyeing. The processing time and temperature are also stated in the dyeing recipe.

Polyester and Cotton part dyeing standard recipe considering sustainability:

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Fabric Type: CVC 60/40 ( S/J)Color: Black 
StepType of ChemicalsDossingProcess(Temp/Time)
Loading HotDetergent0.5 g/l60’C                L:R = 1:6
   L:R = 1:6
LevelingOrganic acid0.30 g/l60’C
 Acid Buffer0.50 g/lPH: 4.10
 Polyester leveling agent1.00 g/l 
 Eco scour1.00 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6
Dyeing labDisperse dyes0.01%135’C X 45 MIN
 Disperse dyes0.11% 
 Disperse dyes2.00% 
   L:R = 1:6
LevellingLeveling agent for color mixing0.20 g/l60’C
 Leveling agent0.80 g/lPH: 6.20
 Anticreasing agent1.00 g/l 
 Sequestering agent0.80 g/l 
 Bio polishing agent0.50 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6
DyeingReactive Dyes0.12%60’C
 Reactive Dyes0.12% 
 Reactive Dyes2% 
 Electrolyte (salt)70 g/l50% 50%;
 Alkali (Soda Ash)15 g/l2 time
   L:R = 1:6
After treatmentSpecial Reduction+soapoing Chemical1.00 g/l90’C X 10 MIN
 Leveling agent0.2 g/l 
   L:R = 1:6
FixingFixing agent1.00 g/l40’C X15 MIN
   L:R = 1:6
SoftenerOrganic acid0.2 g/l50’C x 15 min;
 Cationic Softener1.00 g/lPH: 5.5

NB: All the dyes and chemical dosing depend on the shade and concentration of the chemical. For this pls discuss with the supplier.

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