What Is the Cationic Polyester (CDP) Dyeing process?

The cationic polyester (CDP) dyeing process is the special dyeing process by which cationic dyeable polyester is dyed with cationic dyestuff at 100⁰C temperature. Whereas normal polyester (PET) is dyed at 130⁰C temperature.

Step-by-step cationic dyeable polyester dyeing process:

Load the fabric

Inject Detergent & Oxalic acid

Rise temperature 70⁰C and Run for 10 min

Drain and wash for 10min

Control temperature 40⁰C and PH=5

Leveling agent dossing =5min

Runtime 5min

Cationic dyes dossing =20min (Linear)

Run time=20min

PE dossing= 5min

Runtime = 5min

Salt dossing 10 min (Linear)

Runtime 10min

Rise the temperature to 100⁰C (Grade=1.5⁰C/min)

Runtime 45min

Cooling at 80⁰C (Grade=1.5⁰C/min)

Shade check

If ok, then drain

Reduction with caustic soda and hydrous at 80⁰C

Runtime 20min


Normal water hot at 80⁰C

Wash for 10min

Polyester softener Dossing 5min

Runtime 10min


After dyeing the fabric it will be dry at 100⁰C.

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