100% Tencel Knit Fabric Dyeing Process With Trouble Free Steps

In the textile industry, the dying fabric is a very important step that requires a lot of skill and accuracy. One of the most common ways to get bright colors and patterns would be through Tencel knit fabric dyeing process. We can also dye its different blends, like polyester Tencel, cotton Tencel, Tencel modal, and many more. However, the process can be quite challenging due to various factors. Fortunately, with the right steps and instructions, it is possible to successfully and seamlessly dye Tencel knit fabric without any hassle.

100% Tencel Knit fabric dyeing process or 100% lyocell knit fabric Dyeing process:

The 100% Tencel knit fabric dyeing process is a special dyeing process in the textile industry. Tencel is a regenerated cellulose fiber. As a result, the 100% Tencel dyeing process is a reactive dyeing process. Reactive dyes are used as a dyestuff for this 100% Tencel dyeing process.

The process is given below step by step:

Water fill Required  amount taken into the machine 

Raise the temperature to 60⁰C 

Wettings agent +anticreasing agent Inject

Fabric load 

Runtime=5 minute

Soda ash light dosing 5 minute 

Raise temperature to 70⁰C

Inject H2O2

Raise temperature to 80⁰C 

Run time=20 Minutes 


Water fill

Normal hot 70⁰C

Runtime=10 minute


Wash  For 10 minute

Ph check 5.5 -6 (Control by acid)

If ok then

Rise Temperature 60⁰C 

Leveling dosing =5 minute

Runtime=5 minute 

Color dosing 50%=15 minute

Runtime 10 minute 

Color dosing rest 50%=15 minute 

Runtime 10 minute

1st Salt dosing 10%=10 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

2nd Salt dosing 20%=10 minute 

Run time =10 minute 

3rd Salt dosing 70% 10 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

Raise Temperature to 80⁰C 

Runtime=20 minute

Colling 60⁰C

1st Soda dosing 10%=15 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

2nd Soda dosing 20%=15 minute 

Runtime 10 minute 

3rd Soda dosing 70%=15 minute

Runtime 10 minute 

Shade check

If ok then drain


Water fill 

Antricreasing agent Inject

Tempeture 60⁰C=10 minutes (2 Time Hot) 


Water fill

Core neutralizer 60⁰C=20 minute


Water fill

Antecreasing agent + Levelling agent inject

Rise Temperature 90⁰C

Run time 20 minute


Water Fill

Rase temperature at 55⁰C  and control ph=4.5

The enzyme (BIo polishing) inject

Runtime 60 min

If ok the enzyme level according to the requirements

Wash for 10minute+10 minutes

PH check 5

Softener dossing=5min


Check sample


Qualities of Knitted Fabrics Made from Tencel Fiber

Knitted fabrics made from this type of natural fiber are automatically better because of the Tencel. Some of the most important things about it are:

Gentle on skin: Tencel fibers are naturally soft, so even people with sensitive skin can feel comfortable for a long time. Under a microscope, Tencel has a smooth surface, which makes it softer and more comfortable than wool or cotton.

Color retention: The color pigments in dope-dyed fibers last longer and are less likely to fade, even after being washed many times. Knit fabrics get a shine from Tencel.

Tencel fibers help the body’s natural moisture-controlling systems work better by letting clothes breathe. Because they come from nature, the fibrils of cellulosic fibers are set up to control how much moisture they absorb or let out. This makes fabrics more breathable and helps the body regulate its own temperature.


The Tencel knit fabric dyeing process needs to be done carefully and in the right order for good results. For knit fabrics made of 100% Tencel, reactive dyes are used, and the process is unique to knit fabrics.

You can also use the right dying methods to color Tencel blends like polyester Tencel, cotton Tencel, and Tencel modal. If you know what you’re doing and have the right skills, you can easily get vibrant colors and patterns on Tencel knit fabrics.

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