Although flashy pieces of clothing seem to be the trendy fashion style these days, the classic black color is still cherished by most people around the world. Some people regard black as a therapeutic color. So, it makes perfect sense that you’re right here, searching for the best black dye for clothes.

Sometimes, you feel as though the nice blue denim jean jacket might look better as a black jacket. Or you just do not want to give up that black piece of clothing that’s starting to ditch its black color for a faded white appearance.

Whatever the situation or your reason for needing a black clothing dye is, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best black dye options for any piece of clothing.

best black dye for clothes


There are so many black dyes on the market. However, you have to be careful about which dye you opt for, especially when you are a beginner in the game. The reason is simple; most dyes are suited for specific fabric types. For instance, there are black dyes that are best suited for clothes made out of polyester fiber, cotton fiber, jeans cloth, etc.

Hence, it might be confusing trying to decide the best dye for black clothes.  Lucky for you, we’ve got your back. The best black dye for clothes, especially for beginners, is the all-purpose dye. This type of dye caters to both cotton and polyester materials.

The all-purpose dye is cost-effective and is a good place to start especially when you do not know your fabrics too well. Want to discover the best dye for your fabric? Great! Let’s dive right in.


Serial  Product Name Weight Toxic Price
1 Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye 8 Oz. No Check Price
2 Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye 8 Oz No Check Price
3 Dritz 87012 Permanent Fabric Dye 1.75 Oz No Check Price
4 Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye 8 Oz No Check Price
5 Tulip One-Step Dye Kits- Black Makes 7.6 Liters or 2 Gallons No Check Price
6 Luminous Fabric & Textile UV Paint – Set of 8 Textile Neon Black Light Glow Paints 0.7oz No Check Price
7 Professional Aluminum Anodizing Dyes Makes 7.6 Liters or 2 Gallons No Check Price

1. Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye, Charcoal Grey.

Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye, Charcoal Grey

The first black dye on our list is the all-purpose liquid dye from Rit. The color is specifically charcoal grey and it is suitable for a wide range of fabric types. A sneak peek into the fabrics it is good for includes wool, silk, nylon, cotton, etc.

If you are not ready to let go of your faded shirt or want to convert the color of a brightly colored piece of clothing to a charcoal grey color, this charcoal grey liquid dye can do this.

The beautiful thing about this Rit black dye is that it is versatile. In other words, it does not only work for clothing. You can use it to revamp the appearance of other items like your accessories and your shoes.

  • Colors thoroughly without leaving streaks or spots.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • Cost effective and economical.
  • It might bleed into other clothes.

2. Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye, Black (Pack of 3)

The rit dye for clothing comes in various colors. While the previous rit dye changes your clothes to charcoal grey, this pack of three dye gives your clothes a fine and glowing black color.

There are so many benefits attached to owing this pack of three rit black dye. For starters, it is economical. It helps if you need more quantity of rit dye for your clothes to make it look as dark and as glowing as it can be.

Like the charcoal grey rit dye, you can also use this dye for accessories and furniture. The best part? It also works fines as stain for unfinished wood and wicker. It is also quite easy to use and is versatile.

  • It has a versatile application as it works for clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.
  • It drastically upgrades the appearance of your clothes.
  • It is durable.
  • You’ll need a lot of quantity to get your desired result.

3. Dritz 87012 Permanent Fabric Dye

Dritz 87012 Permanent Fabric Dye

Dylon permanent dye revives old and faded looking clothes. With the right amount of quantity, you can take your clothes from looking drab to fabulous in a bit. You can also change the color of any clothing of your choice to black.

Thinking of how to spice up the appearance of your silk or wool piece of clothing? Then this liquid dye is perfect for you. As long as the clothing you want to use it with is made of natural fibers, you’re good to go.

When it comes to the quantity that’s best for your piece of clothing, understand that different pieces of clothing require different quantities. For instance, dye skirts with 250g of Dylon dye. 150g of dye is enough for shorts, but jeans and bath towels require a lot more dye quantity. You’ll need about 600g.

  • Long lasting as the color doesn’t fade out.
  • It is user friendly
  • Does not give off bad odors
  • The process for making of this dye is somewhat time-consuming.

4. Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye 2 (Jet Black)

Jacquard Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye

Unlike the first two dyes, this dye gifted to the world of tie dye is a reactive synthetic dye and it comes in the powder form. Since it is a reactive dye, it is suitable for fabrics made of cellulose fibers and cotton. However, it is perfect for fabrics made with 100% cellulose fiber materials.

If you are familiar with Jacquard Procion dyes, you’ll know that their dyes are loved for its colorfast properties. Once you use this dye or any other colors from this set, it would last you for a long while.

Here’s the best part- even though the dye can mess up your washing machine with stain, it is not difficult to get rid of the stain. Simply use bleach to restore your washing machine to how it was prior to the dye running its look.

  • Colorfast
  • It restores the shine to your fabrics.
  • The dye evenly distributed to all parts of your fabrics.
  • It is not suitable for tie and dye.

5. Tulip One-Step Dye Kits- Black

Tulip One-Step Dye Kits- Black

If you are creative, you deserve more than faded set of clothes. Frankly speaking, your wardrobe has to reflect the level of creativity that your soul carries. While it’s not a crime to have faded pieces of clothing, it sure is a crime to ignore these clothes and toss them in the bin.

If the recycle life has taught us anything, it is the need to find creative ways to reuse anything we’ve used before. So, before you toss out that faded piece of clothing, soak it in this Tulip One-step dye. The result? You revive that piece of clothing and you can resume wearing it again.

This kit is the perfect tie dye kit. It simplifies the entire tie dye process into a one-step process. Also, it is perfect for clothes made with fiber material.

You do not need to have a faded looking clothe to use this dye. It is one of the best permanent black dye for clothes.

You can transform your black clothing with this dye by following the instruction and technique guide. The result can either be the creation of a unique tie-dye design or a faded shirt restored to its former glory.

  • It is the best kit for beginners in the dyeing game thanks to its ease of use.
  • The instructions activate your creativity as it shows you unique tie dye designs you can try.
  • The black color is genuine and perfect.
  • The quantity in a bottle might not be enough to dye your clothes

6. Textile Neon Black Light Glow Paints

Textile Neon Black Light Glow Paints

Sometimes, to spice up your life, you have to first spice up your dull looking wardrobe. Go from duh to glamorous with this set of vibrant glow dye. If you’ve been looking for creative ways to style your black outfits, here’s a creative solution for you.

No! it’s not a fun way to style your boring black with a jean. Instead, this dye transforms your black clothes into something fun. There are 8 different colors in this set but they are the perfect black clothing dye.

Once you apply it on your black clothing, you would no longer be the same as you would glow in the dark, under UV rays and backlights. It is durable and won’t fade off regardless of the number of times you wash it.

  • It is a kid-friendly dye.
  • A great way to remodel your black clothes
  • The application process is very easy and straight forward.
  • Might not glow in the dark as much as you want it to.

7. Professional Aluminum Anodizing Dyes, Black E-CRO

Professional Aluminum Anodizing Dyes

Perhaps the first noticeably impressive feature of this dye is the UV protective bottle that it is packaged in. as a result of this UV feature, the dye has longer shelf life compared to other dye brands.

If you’re looking to have that deep and pure black appearance, this aluminum anodizing dye is the way to go. It is perfect for coloring metals.  The dye holds on tightly to metals, even after drying.

The best part is that you get to choose the shade of black that you want ranging from light to dark, rich black.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Gives you the darkest purest shade of black.
  • It is durable.
  • The instruction is a bit misleading on the time for letting clothes soak in the dye bath.


Fabric type: Before you take off to the market (online or offline) to get yourself a dye, first determine the kind of fabric you want to dye. Leather? Cotton? Fibers? Cellulose? Once you’ve figured this out, it would act as a compass to the perfect dye that would give you the best result.

Type of Dye: There are two types of Dyes; Synthetic and Natural dyes. Natural dyes are good for most fabric types. They are also biodegradable and quite safe. Synthetic dyes on the other hand are of varying types. They include optical dyes, reactive dyes, Organic Pigments, Sulphur, etc. If you prefer synthetic dyes over natural dyes, it would interest you to know that these varying types of synthetic dyes work for different fabric types. But if you are prone to having allergic reactions, it is best you stick to natural dyes.

How many pieces of clothing you want to dye: The number of clothes you want to dye at once should also be taken into consideration. If you are looking to dye as many fabrics as possible, it advisable to use synthetic dyes.

Dye Color: It is important that you consider the kind of dye you want to buy. If you want to renew the color of a black fabric, buy a black dye. But if you want to entirely change the color of a piece of clothing, then the color you choose is up to your preference.

How To Dye Fabric Black

There are so many black clothing dyes that can help you restore the shine on your black fabrics or change the color of a piece of clothing into black. While you can create your dye, you can save stress and shop any of the black dyes above. Got your black dye? Here’s how to dye fabrics black.

What you need…

  • Black Dye for your specific fabric.
  • Bucket or Bowl.
  • Boiling Water.
  •  Long Spoon or Spatula.
  • Dye Fixatives (Optional)

Step One: Prepare the Dye Bath. Start by pouring boiling water into a bucket or bowl. Then, add the dye appropriate for the fabric you intend to dye into the water. Then, add your dye to the hot water. The result you want to achieve will determine the quantity of dye that should be added to the water. For instance, if you want the fabric to be extremely dark, go ahead and pour the entire dye into the water. If not, follow the instruction on the bottle of the dye.

Tip: If your goal is to achieve a vibrant color, add table salt to the mix.

Step Two: Once you’ve successfully created your dye bath, proceed to put your piece of clothing in the dye bath. Immerse your piece of clothing into the water with a Spatula or Spoon. Keep turning the clothing in the dye bath to ensure that the dye bath penetrates the different parts of the clothing.

Tip: Soaking your piece of fabric for long adds vibrancy to the result.

Step Three: After turning the clothe in the dye bath, leave it to soak for 30-60 minutes.

Step Four: Pour out the dye bath into the sink or tub with the fabric in it so that the dye bath makes its way down the drain. Leave the fabric in of the sink.

Step Five: To enhance the color of the dye on your fabric and ensure the dye doesn’t fade off anytime soon, add spray dye fixatives generously all over the freshly dyed fabric while it nests in the sink or tub. After spraying dye fixatives on the fabric, give the fixatives 20 minutes to soak into the fabric.

Step Seven: Using hot water, rinse out the piece of clothing. This would get rid of the excess dye on your fabric. Then, proceed to rinse with cold water until the water is clear. This time, the cold water gets rid of the dye residue.

Step Eight: Wash the piece of clothing in a washing machine to further get rid of dye residue.

 Viola! Your black fabric is ready.


Can you dye any fabric black?

Yes, you can dye any fabric black. All you need is the right dye for the fabric type. If you are a beginner, you might need to follow the instructions on the dye or seek assistance from someone who is better at dyeing clothes.

Is liquid or powder fabric dye better?

Both dyes are good and they provide the same outcomes. The only difference is that powder dyes are best used by professionals who understand how to use it well. If you are a greenhorn, it is best to stick to liquid dye. It is easy to use and it gets rid of the drama that comes with using powder dye. Remember, both powder and liquid dyes give the same result.

What is a natural black dye?

A natural black dye is derived from plants and fruits ranging from iris roots, carob pods, Sawtooth Oak Acorn Cups, etc. these fruits when boiled, etc. produce black dyes of different shades.

What is the best dye for tie-dyeing?

The best dyes for tie dyeing are none other than procion fiber reactive dyes. These kinds of dyes create a bond between the dye and the fabric. In the end, this results into something beautiful.

What is the best way to dye clothes black?

The best way to dye black clothes is to pair the fabric material with the right dye and the right dyeing process. For instance, use the wool dyeing process to dye a black wool piece of clothing. Apply this same technique to other fabric types and watch as your clothes come alive under the power of the right dye.


When used properly, these dyes yield the best and perfect results. Trust me, you would have no reason to complain. Remember that these dyes are made for specific fabric types.

Before you buy any of them, be sure to confirm the type of fabric you need it for before investing your money in them. The reason? Although these dyes are the best black dye for clothes, they might have zero impact when paired with the wrong fabric type.

Note that this list was curated based on the experience of verified individuals who have used it and have seen it work wonders on their clothes. With this review, we hope you’ll get what you want. Have a blast dyeing!