100% Tencel Knit Fabric Dyeing Process Step By Step

100% Tencel Knit fabric dyeing process or 100% lyocell knit fabric dyeing process:

100% Tencel knit fabric dyeing process is a special dyeing process in the textile industry. Tencel is a regenerated celuslose fiber. As a result, the 100% Tencel dyeing process is a reactive dyeing process. Reactive dyes use as a dyestuff for this 100% Tencel dyeing process.

The process is given below step by step:

Water fill Required  amount taken into the machine 

Raise the temperature to 60⁰C 

Wettings agent +anticreasing agent Inject

Fabric load 

Runtime=5 minute

Soda ash light dosing 5 minute 

Raise temperature to 70⁰C

Inject H2O2

Raise temperature to 80⁰C 

Run time=20 Minutes 


Water fill

Normal hot 70⁰C

Runtime=10 minute


Wash  For 10 minute

Ph check 5.5 -6 (Control by acid)

If ok then

Rise Temperature 60⁰C 

Leveling dosing =5 minute

Runtime=5 minute 

Color dosing 50%=15 minute

Runtime 10 minute 

Color dosing rest 50%=15 minute 

Runtime 10 minute

1st Salt dosing 10%=10 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

2nd Salt dosing 20%=10 minute 

Run time =10 minute 

3rd Salt dosing 70% 10 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

Raise Temperature to 80⁰C 

Runtime=20 minute

Colling 60⁰C

1st Soda dosing 10%=15 minute 

Run time 10 minute 

2nd Soda dosing 20%=15 minute 

Runtime 10 minute 

3rd Soda dosing 70%=15 minute

Runtime 10 minute 

Shade check

If ok then drain


Water fill 

Antricreasing agent Inject

Tempeture 60⁰C=10 minutes (2 Time Hot) 


Water fill

Core neutralizer 60⁰C=20 minute


Water fill

Antecreasing agent + Levelling agent inject

Rise Temperature 90⁰C

Run time 20 minute


Water Fill

Rase temperature at 55⁰C  and control ph=4.5

The enzyme (BIo polishing) inject

Runtime 60 min

If ok the enzyme level according to the requirements

Wash for 10minute+10 minutes

PH check 5

Softener dossing=5min


Check sample



This is a special process and uses for knitted fabric only. This is a 100% applied process. I use this 100% Tencel dyeing process in my working industry more than 1000 times.

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