Flow Chart Of Space Dyeing Process [UPDATE 2024]

Space dyeing is a special type of modern dyeing method in the present world. Its process flow chart helps you a better result. The flow chart of the space dyeing process begins with the yarn being loaded onto the cones. The yarn is then placed into the dye bath, and the dye is allowed to flow through the yarn. After the desired color is achieved, the yarn is rinsed and dried.

Flow Chart Of Space Dyeing Process
Complete diagram image flow chart of space dye

Flow chart of space dyeing procedure:

Grey fabric

Blech (On dyeing machine)


Resoft (Per packages dia 56″/57″ cm)

Dyeing (Space dyeing machine)

Setup design

If complete the dyeing sent to the steamer



Sent to dyeing machine to wash & finish


This is a 100% applied process space dyeing flow chart. Some of the reported factories use this flow chart. So that you can also use this for better production

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