Mercerized fabric dyeing Process for knitted fabric-For practical use

Mercerised Fabric dyeing Process for knitted fabric:

Mercerized fabric dyeing Process is a process of dyeing the mercerized fabric. Here two types of mercerization fabric dyeing process is available.

  1. One is yearn mercerized fabric process

2. Other is Grey mercerized fabric dyeing process

New we discuss the yearn mercerized fabric dyeing process. Here the fabric is knitted with mercerized yearn. So that fabric is like bleached fabric. Here I sharing my experience with this process. I have applied many processes for this fabric and fixed a process. By which we can avoid Unveng dyeing, Running shade and Dye spot, Caustic spot, etc.

Process step by step are given below:

Acid+ Sequestering agent + anticreasing agent = Inject

Fabric Load

Tempeture 70’c

Run time 10 minute


Wash for 10 min

Detergent +Anticreasing agent= Inject

Soda dosing 5 minute

Tempeture 80c20 minute

Check Absorbency

Normal Hot Acid

No Enzyme

Levelling Ph check 5-6

Levelling dosing 60’c

Runtime: 5 minute

Color dosing 30 minute (Linear)

Runtime 10 minute

Steam Up 80c (2c)

Runtime 5 Minute

1st Salt 1/3 Dosing 5 minute

Runtime 5 minute

2nd salt 2/3 dosing 5 minute

Runtime 5 minute

Full Salt dosing 5 minute

Runtime 5 minute

Colling 60c (2c)

Salt Sample check

1st Time 10% Soda dosing 15 minute (70% Progressive dossing)

Runtime 10 minute

2nd time 20% Soda dosing 15 minute

Runtime 10 minute

Full Soda dosing 10 minute

Runtime: 10min

Shade check

Drain if shade is ok

Wash for 10 min

Normal hot at 80’c

Runtime: 10min


wash for 10min

Then soaping agent inject

Rise temperature 80’c (According to shade)

If shade is ok then Drain

Wash and clean the water





This is the special fabric and this is also special Mercerized fabric dyeing Process. So that you shout follow this process. Many reported factory using this process for better result.

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