Turquoise color dyeing process- use for practical

Turquise color dyeing process for knit fabric:

Turquoise color dyeing process is a special type dyeing process. The dye molicle of turquoise is larger than other reactive dyes. So that it needs higher temperature to broke the molicle.

Fabric load

Scouring and bleaching



Levelling 40’c 5 minute

    Runtime 5 minute

Temperature raise to 80’c

Color dosing 80’c 30 minute

Runtime 15 minute

salt dosing 10 minute

Runtime a10 minute

Tempeture up to 90’c runtime 20 minute 

cooling at 60’c (Fabric Check)

soda dosing 10% at 15 minute 

Runtime10 minute 

Soda dosing 90% at 25 minute 

Runtime 10 minute 

Sample check

Rise temperature at 80’C

Runtime 10 min

Sample check

If ok then BD(Batch drop)

Normal hot 80’c

runtime 10min

Acid wash




Conclusion :

Every factory can use this process for the Turquoise color dyeing process. If you confused comment me in the comments box. I will help you.

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