6 Best Screen Printing Ink Review For Dark Fabric [Update 2024]

  1. Do you want to know the process of screen printing?
  2. Are you looking for the best screen printing ink for dark fabric?
  3. Want to know why is screen printing still famous in the world?

If you also want to know the answer to the question mentioned above, this article is especially for you. Keep reading first to last very carefully to find out the answer. Here I will write about the six best screen printing ink for dark fabric

Best screen printing ink for dark fabric

Screen printing once in a while referred to as silk screening or serigraphy is a super artistic technique that is, in particular, beneficial for printing onto cloth. 

The most used screen printing ink is given below:

  1. Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Night Glo Blue
  2. Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Colour: Gold, Size: 8 oz
  3. Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 32-ounce, Gold
  4. Jacquard Screen Printing Kit with Moshify Print Test Cloth
  5. Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Black
  6. Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Starter Set

Details and reviews of this five are discussed later. Click here

Types of Screen Printing Ink (With Description):

Screenprints splits can help you print a screen. It will be beneficial and convenient for you to know how many screenprints are and how to use them. So now it’s division. It is shown below.

Grayscale printing: Grayscale printing is just unique ink to use in a light-colored T-shirt or anything else. You can also use any color of clothing. The resolution will depend on how much you are using per line.

CMYK printing: CMYK printing ink color is a combination of 4 colors. Like: Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow. It is used on dark garments, and its processing is a little expensive.

Duotone printing: Duotone printing ink is a beautiful combination of two color halftones in the same print. It is considered to be perfect for using any light-colored fabric.

Halftone printing: This printing is essential for strangely beautiful colors. You can use this ink in any garment like dark, bright, or light shade.

Simulated printing process: Simulated printing color is also a combination of 4 type’s colors.

Spot color screen printing: Spot color screen printing is the most common and most used screen printing.

How to pick the best one from the market:

To pick the best one from the market, you must justify every popular and most common screenprint ink feature. The quality of some best inks is given below; however, you can choose the best:

Speedball fabric screen printing starter set:

● Non-toxic

● Fast washable

● Easy and safe to use

● You can use it on cardboard

● Smell free

● Good color

Jacquard professional screenprint ink – 119 super opaque white:

● Colors are excellent

● High quality

● Particular using

● Easy clean

● Opaque

Jacquard Versatex Printing Ink Set:

● Easy and safe to use

● Eight colors included

● You can use it in particular ways

● Made in the USA

Tips for Screen Printing White Ink on Dark Fabrics:

Working with white ink is not easy, but if it is on dark fabrics, then it is more complicated. You have to work more carefully, but it is better to have practice or experience in advance.

Learn about white ink and its uses well in advance. Then find out which fabrics are suitable for use. Find out what kind of fabric it is used for. Then start working on the print.

You need a screen printing press to do this work. Take the ink and the fabric you select. Then start the process.

You have to heat the gun of the press. For adding the layers:

  1. Print the design.
  2. Print the screen with white ink.
  3. Try to avoid cracking.
  4. After doing all the processes, try to differentiate from the other fabric.
  5. See the difference.

By the way, these tips are for screen printing white ink on dark fabrics.

6 Best screen Printing Ink for dark Fabric Review

There are many printing inks available in the market and I am reviewing some. All of them are not the best quality that is what I am giving the reference to.

1. Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Night Glo Blue

Short description:

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink is an excellent set of 8 glow ink jars. All speedball products are excellent. It is a water-based type of printing ink and, of course, non-toxic. The colors are permanent and glowing. You can use it in different ways like any fabric or paper or board or sort of things like that. 

You can buy the 8-ounce jars separately. You cannot use the screen printing ink in the fabric nylon. You can also use it with the ink brush, including screen printing. The manufacturer made the excellent ink Speedball fabric screen printing ink in the USA.


● Non-toxic

● Particular uses

● Permanent and glowing


● You cannot use it in nylon.

Why is it unique from other available products? (Min 5 Point)

● Particular use

● works great on any fabric, paper, cardboard

● permanent result

● safe for the studio and classroom

● looks glowing in the dark

Writers comment:

It is preferred for you if you find a permanent, glowing, and safe color.

2. Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Colour: Gold, Size: 8 oz

Short description:

Do you find a perfect screen printing color for all fabrics? Then you have to choose the Opaque fabric screen printing ink color. It is perfect and excellent for all materials and paper, cardboard, etc. It is non-toxic printing ink, and for this, it is safe for classrooms or studios. 

It gives a permanent color. Particular using is an excellent convenience for this screen printing ink. Its shimmering colors can add descent and stunning print. So, it is a great fabric screen printing ink color.


● shimmering color

● permanent result

● particular use

● safe for the studio and classroom

● great finishing


● Takes more time

● Setup cost is high

Why is it unique from other available products? (Min 5 Point)

● Safe because of non-toxic

● used in anyways

● colors are permanent

● colors are shimmering

● perfect for light or dark fabric

Writers comment:

This is preferable for you because it’s profitable for all sides.

3. Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 32-Ounce, Gold

Short description:

Speedball Opaque fabric screen printing ink is a fantastic product to print on any fabric you want to print. So you should see this color at once. Its color result is permanent. 

Excellent printing coverage is here. You can print on any fabric with this speedball opaque fabric screen printing ink. There are 32-ounce colors, including the complete set. You can buy them separately.


● shimmering color

● high quality

● permanent color

● easy to print and use

● use in many ways


● Time-consuming work

Why is it unique from other available products?

● shimmering color

● the proper color for use on any fabric

● permanent result

● natural color

● high-quality product

Writers comment:

This fantastic product you should not miss.

4. Jacquard Screen Printing Kit with Moshify Print Test Cloth

Short description:

Jacquard Screen Printing Kit with Moshify Print Test Cloth is an excellent color for any fabric. This product is too much convenient. It includes many things you need. The top interesting included thing is to modify the print test cloth. 

For the others, you will get three acetate frames, pre-stretched silk-screen ink with an aluminum frame, diazo sensitizer, super opaque, white screen ink, opaque blue screen ink, photo emulsion, opaque red screen ink, opaque yellow screen ink, a stir stick. Those things are not available in any screen printing set. So it is preferable to others.


● High-quality ink

● strong aluminum frame

● including many things you need

● including printing testing cloths


● Don’t produce unpleasant odors.

Why is it special from other available products?

● Including many exciting things you need

● getting a solid aluminum frame

● high-quality products

● Opaque color printing is perfect

● good colors

Writers comment:

You should try this product at once.

5. Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Black

Short description:

The Speedball 8-Ounce Fabric Printing Ink is your solution for high-quality expert t-shirt transfers your circle of relatives, friends, and clients will love. This ink is non-flammable, which is safe to apply. It is also no longer poisonous. You can quickly clean this ink with water and soap to make your work location too messy.

Your ink package includes an 8-oz jar of black ink, which needs to be sufficient for your t-shirt printing projects. If you want to achieve more transparency along with your ink, pick out a colorless extender. You will enjoy the ink’s consistency appropriate for display screen printing on one hundred% cotton t-shirts. Although this ink is a bit oily, it isn’t always runny. Expect this ink to be very smooth to take in on the t-shirt. 


● Ink is water-soluble in that it dissolves in water

● Use ink for printing on fabric and paper

● It is the best ink for t-shirts

● Cleans off effortlessly with water and soap

● It consists of black ink in an 8-ounce jar


● Don’t produce unpleasant odors

● Time-consuming work and setup

Why is it special from other available products?

● Excellent working properties

● Works great on paper cardboard

● Safe for the studio and classroom

● Ideal for printing on a range of fabric

● Easy soap and water cleanup

Writers comment:

You also can set the ink into your garb with the usage of a warm iron.

6. Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Starter Set

Short description:

This product includes six 4-ounce jars of different shades, including black pearl, pearly white, citrine, blue topaz, raspberry, and silver. These shades offer amazing shimmer, making it best for including iridescent and stunning effects in your prints. Whether you use this on exceptional fabric such as cotton, blends, polyester, linen, or rayon, it also works excellently on cardboard and wallpaper.

Like all merchandise supplied by Speedball, this is also guaranteed safe to apply. It incorporates an AP seal, making it less complicated to clean up with water and soap. Additionally, this product is non-flammable and non-toxic. Not the most effective, but this ink also doesn’t have an unsightly odor and solvent content.

Its results can be permanent while warmth cured well. Aside from that, this item also produces an ultra-gentle hand texture in the fabric. For better effects, you can use this on both dark and mild-colored surfaces. It can provide outstanding opacity without compromising workability.


● Shimmering and iridescent colors

● Works on a vast range of fabric

● Washes fast if warmth set well

● Non-flammable and smell-unfastened

● It comes in six unique colors


● It doesn’t have an unsightly odor or solvent content.

Why is it special from other available products?

● Offer amazing shimmer.

● It works excellently on cardboard and wallpaper.

● Guaranteed safe to apply.

● Non-flammable and non-toxic

● Produces an ultra-gentle hand texture in the fabric

Writers comment:

It is a fantastic product you should try it once.

Screen Printing Process Step by Step: 

The method of screen printing is straightforward, flexible, and comparatively cheap, so everyone should give it a move. Here is the step-by-step manual for screen printing.

First Step – Design your print: 

Think of something thrilling and draw it onto a bit of paper. Don’t fear to color or shade it. You’ll be reducing it out and the usage of the rest of it as a stencil. Please keep it simple at the beginning. Geometrical shapes and circles in an uneven pattern are most straightforward and never clichéd.

Second Step – Use a craft knife to cut out all the colored elements of your design: 

Keep the encompassing blank paper intact. You have now made your stencil. Unfortunately, if it rips, you’ll probably need to start over. Exercise care and precision. Make buoyant your stencil suits appropriately in your blouse. 

Third Step – Put your stencil on top of your cloth and the screen on a pinnacle of the stencil:

Place the stencil so the mesh is directly on top (the two must be touching) and the handles are going through up. If there is an area between the rims of your stencil and the rims of your screen, placed masking tape on the bottom. You do not want paint leaking in which it should not leak.

Fourth Step – Spoon out a few paints:

Make a line on the pinnacle of the display the part furthest far from you. You do not need paint on top of the stencil at the moment. Try to spoon out a lot of colors as you watched might cowl the stencil.

Fifth Step – Use the squeegee to spread the paint over the mesh:

Try to do it with one downward motion or the least quantity of strokes possible. This makes it look as clean and expert as can be.

The Final Step- Lift a whole lot of your cloth:

If you drag it at all, the paint may also smear. It’s satisfactory to do it layer by layer, lifting after which off. Leave to dry. The longer, the better. If you revealed it onto clothing, then as soon as it’s miles dry, you want to place a sheet of greasing or tracing paper over your design and iron it. This seals it, making it wearable and cleanable.

Why Screen Printing is Famous in the World: 

The digital era has transformed the sector of photo art. The digital and interactive nature of virtual media has opened new creative frontiers, developing unique strategies that make bigger the artists’ horizons and enhance creativity in a diverse bureaucracy that we by no means imagined had been feasible. 

But irrespective of how robust the effect virtual technology has on the arena of picture design or art, we shouldn’t consider the traditional printing approaches, including display printing. Although many new printing techniques have emerged, display screen printing remains one of the maximum dependable methods and offers many benefits. Below are some of them. 

● Creates Unique and Authentic Outputs

● Cost-Efficient & Yields Large Volumes

● Very Versatile

● Provides Long-lasting, 

● High-Quality Results

Versatile, long-lasting, fee-green, and highly pleasant—these are just four of the many motives why display screen printing is still the maximum famous approach of printing in a ramification of commercial and retail applications.

For top first-class display printing inks and eco-friendly inks, contact us at Colormaker Industries. We supply a wide variety of Permaset top-class first-rate screen printing inks to ensure that you get acceptable printing outputs.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ): 

Que: How do you print white on black fabric?

Ans: It’s not easy to do. It is pretty challenging to print white ink on a dark or black fabric. Firstly, choose the ink and fabric type. The print may be different from one to another for using different fabric types. You need a screen print press to work. Heat the gun. They print the layout on the fabric.

Que: Can you use screen printing ink on fabric?

Ans: Yes, of course. You can use screen printing ink in particular fabrics like cotton, linen, etc. Screenprint ink is one kind of liquid color. Maybe it is water-based or oil-based. All types of screen printing ink can use on fabric.

Que: What color do T-shirts sell the most?

Ans: All types of T-shirts are sold. But the popular color of the T-shirt is black, navy, and dark heather gray. People love these colors and purchase them more than other colors. 

Ans: Water-based ink is a long-lasting product. It is easy to use, and the price is reasonable. You can wash more and more, but the print is not removable. You can use it for a long time.

Que: How long does water-based ink last?


Of the numerous options for display screen printing ink available on the market, it’s miles pleasurable to recognize that you may access facts to lead you to select the fine display screen printing ink in your t-blouse enterprise. Not simplest does this assessment save you time and money to make your choice. 

However, you can also use the records to evaluate the ink options advocated primarily based on precise standards such as shade, length of the package, range of items in the bundle, and satisfaction. You are saved the hassle and inconvenience of buying the wrong ink that isn’t always well-matched with your desires. So, study the overview and different information carefully as you seek the best screen printing ink for dark fabric.

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