Quality Assurance Flow Chart Of All Over Print

The quality assurance/control flow chart of all-over print(AOP) means the chart which represents the whole working procedure of the quality control manual. A quality assurance flow chart defines the process and steps involved in ensuring the final product meets the expected standard. The All Over Print method is no different, and therefore, requires a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure that the final product is of exceptional quality. This chart outlines every aspect of the production process to ensure that everything is controlled and monitored at every stage.


Quality assurance/control flow chart of all-over print(AOP)

Fabric receive from dyeing

10% Table check

Dust remove

Printing Online quality check

Steam looper or curing

Washing if needed

Stenter online quality check

Compacting online quality check

30% table check

Delivery to cutting

Some steps need to explain of AOP quality assurance flow chart

10% table check: The checking points are–

  1. Shade
  2. Dia
  3. GSM
  4. Shrinkage
  5. Absorbency
  6. Strength
  7. PH check
  8. Loop direction check
  9. Brush quality check for fleece fabric

Steam looper/ Curing: It is done normally at high temperatures so that the points should be checked–

  • Rubbing test
  • Color bleed check

Washing: Points should be taken care

  1. Side crease mark
  2. Loop direction check


In conclusion, a quality assurance flow chart of all overprints is an essential tool to ensure the smooth production process of prints. It helps in identifying any possible problems and ensures quality standards are met. By following the flow chart, manufacturers can minimize defects, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. To get a better result every AOP company should have to maintain the stated above points.

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