Standard Operating Process (SOP) Flow Chart Of Garments Finishing

The garment finishing department in the textile industry is the last stage of all processing. So that it needs a standard operating process for better results.

The Flow chart of garments finishing sop is given below:


Receive the garments from the sewing line according to size with quantity.

Inspect all the garments according to bundle card size and quantity.

Count all the quantities and registered.

Sucking thread from each garment and bundling according to size.

Size-wise ironing.

Bundle inspection (At the time of inspection, if any rejection found, then it will be replaced the same size to respect the same size with the same qty in a bundle).

Hand tag, folding and polibaging ( Autitor will check and confirm all the garments size label, Polibag size, size tag, and color before folding).

100% Metal detecting.

Assorting size-wise, color-wise, and po-wise.

Cartooning 20% PO wise for pre-final audit and rejection.

If the audit fails, then recheck and re-inspect.

If pass then go for complete cartooning and packing.

100% cartoon stack off.

Offer for final inspection to audit team.

If ok, then ready for shipment.


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