Stripping Process Of Reactive Dyes Of Knitted Fabric

The stripping process of reactive dyes of knitted fabric is the process of removing the reactive dyes from the fabric. This is also called the stripping process of the textile industry. This is needed for the solution of faulty or uneven dyeing.

Stripping Process Of Reactive Dyes:

Fabric load

Normal Hot 60*10 minute

Wash 5 minute

Water fill

Temperature 40

Caustic / Soda dosing 10 minute

Runtime 5 minute

Temperature 80’c

15% Hydrose Inject

Temperature 100*10 minute

Colling 79’c

Rest of Hydrose Inject

Temperature 100c

Runtime 40 minute

Colling 75c

Direct Drain

Normal Hot 80’c

Normal Wash 2Time

10 Minute + 5 minute

Fabric check

Stripping Ok Than Scouring


The given process is a 100% applied process. The % of caustic and hydrose depends on the quality of fabric and dyes% of fabric. But We should avoid this process. Because It can damage the fabric strength.

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