Do You Wash Fabric After Dyeing? Tips and tricks

Yes, I wash the fabric after dyeing. Wash fabric after dyeing is so important things. You must have to wash the fabric after dyeing. The main purpose is to remove unfixed dyes. The newly dyed fabric consists of unfixed dyestuff and other chemicals. So, it’s mandatory to wash the fabric after dying.

It’s better to wash fabric with detergent after dying. But fabric can be faded if we use soaping chemicals/ detergent. So that, keep the fabric darker than our requirements. As a result, after washing we will get the actual shade.

Three types of washing need after dyeing:

  1. Normal hot wash: We have to wash the fabric with hot water at 60⁰C/70⁰C. Of course, hot wash depends on the behavior of dyestuff and their bonding to fabric.
  2. Chemical wash: To remove the unfixed dyestuff properly we need soaping chemical/ Detergent hot wash. Temperatur depends on shade% and recommendation of dyestuff.
  3. Normal wash: After normal hot wash and chemical hot wash, it needs to wash with normal temperature and normal water.

If we use these three types of washing, we will get higher fastness properties on the fabric. But we have to keep in mind that the types of washing depend on the recommendation of a dyestuff supplier. We must have to follow the instruction.

Behaviour of wash depends on:

It depends on the kinds of dyes. If a fiber reactive dye is used, then the fabric must be washed before it is used, because the dye can be transferred to other fabrics during the washing process. If a direct dye is used, then the fabric does not need to be washed more, because the dye absorbtion % is higher than the reactive dyestuff.

It depends on what kind of dyeing process is used, how the fabric is dyed, and what the fabric is made from. Generally speaking, most fabrics should be washed after they are dyed. This helps to remove any excess dye and ensure that the color is evenly distributed. It also helps to maintain the fabric’s quality and extend its life. However, some dyes are more durable than others and may not require as much washing.

It depends on the shade% of the fabric. Dark color need more wash and light coor needs few washing time.

Finally i can say that for better fastness property fabric need these three types of wash in every fabric after dyeing. But ofcoure according to recomendation of dyes supplyer.

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