Viscose Fabric Dyeing Process In 2022 (Update)

The viscose fabric dyeing process is so sensitive process in the dyeing industry. Viscose is regenerated cellulosic fiber. Its strength is not as good as cotton fiber. As a result, it needs extra care during processing. It is famous for its end uses. The soft hand feel and glossy effect make itself famous. viscose dyeing with reactive dyes because it is a cellulosic fiber. let’s discuss the process.

The knitted viscose fabric dyeing process is discussed below:

Viscose dyeing process step by steps:

Anticreaseing agent + Oil remover inject= Inject

Raise Temp to 70⁰C

Load fabric

Runtime 5min

Soda ash light dissing 7min

Runtime 10min


Scouring chemical inject = Detergent+anticreaseing agent+ secquestering agent

Soda ash light dossing 7min

Raise the temperature to 70⁰C

Hydrogen Peroxide inject

Raise the temperature at 80⁰C

Runtime 15min

Cooling at 75⁰C

Shade check (Brightness)


Raise temperature To 70⁰C

Runtime 10 minnute

Wash to clear water

Drain fill

Inject acetic acid to neutralize the fabric

Inject Peroxide killer

Runtime 10 minute

Check with peroxide paper

If ok then drain and wash

Drain fill

Leveling Ph check 6.20

Leveling Dosing at 60⁰C= 3 Minutes

Color Dosing 25 Minute

Runtime 10 minute

1 st 10% Salt Dosing 15 Minute

Runtime 10 Minute

2nd 20% Salt dosing 15 Minute

Runtime 10 Minute

3rd 70% Salt Dosnig 15 Minute

Runtime 10 Minute

Salt Sample check (Levelness, availability of all colors)

If everything ok

1st 10% Soda dosing 15 minute

Runtime 10 minute

90% Soda dosing 25 minute

Runtime 10 minute

Sample check for shade

If the required shade is ok then

Drain & Wash for 10 minute

Raise temperature at 80⁰C,

Run for 10min

Drain fill and Wash

Soaping chemicals injected into the machine

Temperature up to 90⁰C (According to shade)

Runtime 10min

Drain and wash until clear water

Dossing the fixing agent for 5 minute

Runtime 15 minute

Drain fill wash

Adjust ph 5

Cationic Softener Dossing for 5 minute

Runtime 10 minute

Sample check for softness and final shade

If ok then unload

viscose fabric dyeing process by Diagram or a time vs temperature Graph:

A time vs temperature graph of visscoss fabric dyeing process by a image:

viscose fabric dyeing process
viscose fabric dyeing process

A complerate viscose fabric dyeing process of practical experiment:

Here I discussing about a practical experiment from a famous knit dyeing factory.

  • A complete viscose dyeing recipe
  • A full dyeing sequence of a viscose single jercy fabric
  • A finish fabric swatch of discussing experiment fabric.

viscose dyeing recipe:

Chemical NameG/L
Anticreasing agent2.00
Oil remover1.00
Soda Ash Lt2.00
Peroxide killer0.15
A. Acid0.7
Levelling agent2.00
Anticreasing agent2.00
Glober Salt 
Soda Ash Lt 
Soaping agent0.80
Anticreasing agent1.00
Levelling agent2.00
Core Neutralizer0.70
Viscose fabric Dyeing recipe

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