Nylon fabric dyeing process- For practical use

Nylon fabric dyeing process

Introduction of 100% nylon fabric dyeing process:

Nylon fabric dyeing process is the process of nylon fabric dyeing with acid dyes. These acid dyes are effective for protein fiber. As a result wool, silk, nylon, and modified acrylic can dye easily. Acid dyes has also good fastness properties than basic dyes. Acid dyes are highly soluble in water and create a negative charge and interact with the positive charge of fiber. As a result, Van-der-Waals bonds, dipolar bonds, and hydrogen bonds are formed between dye and fiber.

Some related question and answer about Nylon dyeing process:

How do you dye nylon fabric?

Does fabric dye work on nylon?

Can you dye nylon mesh?

What is fabric dyeing process?

Answer: Nylon fabric is dyed with acid dyes. Yes fabric dye work on nylon. Yes nylon mesh can dye easily. The nylon dyeing process are given below.

100% nylon fabric dyeing process:

Dyeing of nylon fabric with acid dying process are on below step by step-

Load the fabric

Normal hot with auxalic acid and detergent

Levelling (PH 4.50-5.0)

Dyes Dosing 10 minute Tempeture 400c

Tempeture Increase 980c/10c

Runtime 30 minute

Colling 800c/10c

Shade check


Cold rinse 10 minute

Soaping agent MacLean AFD 2g/l (pH5.00 g/l)

Tempeture 80*15 minute

Cold wash10 minute

Fixing catafix CA  2 g/l

Cold water

Softerner Matsoft PAS 1g/l  (pH 5.00-5.50)


Process Description nylon dyeing process:

In nylon fabric dyeing process, Load the fabric in normal 300c temperature. Firstly hot the fabric at 800c with auxalic acid and detergent to remove the dust, dart, iron etc. Then Control the ph between 4.5-5. Inject the levelling agent and rise the temperature at 400c. Dossing the dyes for 10min.

After that rise the temperature 980c with grade 10c per minute. Here grade is essential for better leveling of dyes stuff. Run here for 30min. Cooling at 800c with grade 10c per min. Check the shade with the required standard. Drain the dyieng bath if shade is ok.

If not ok dye can add to the dye bath and rise the temperature again. shade check after cooling the at 800c. If ok then drain.

Here rinse wath need up to 10min for remove the loose dyes from fabric surface. Sopeaing need according to shade %.

Finally fixing agent is used for better fix up of acid dyes and unload the fabric with ph 5-5.5.


This Nylon fabric dyeing process is using many reported factory for production. They getting better result for this process.

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