textile dyeing process-for practical use

textile dyeing process
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textile dyeing process Of light color and process flow chart of cotton fabric:

Nother fiber is good as cotton fiber. Cotton is a natural fiber. It is useing all over the world. So that the dyeing process is special. As a result this is so important for the textile industry. A flow chart of cotton or light color dyeing can help a learner to realize easily. Textile dyeing process are given below:

Basic of dyeing process technique:

There are three basic techniques to consider for the cotton dyeing process. This dyeing mechanism occurs only in the dyeing portion of the dyeing process flow chart. which are given below:

  • The attachment of the dye molecule to the surface of the fiber.
  • The penetration of dye molecules to the core of the fiber.
  • The fixation of dye molecule to the molecular structure of the fiber.

There are three basic part of the dyeing process which are giving below:

  1. Pretreatment: The process for preparing the fiber to dye. Scouring, Bleaching, and enzyme process make the fiber prepared for dyeing.
  2. Dyeing: Colorant material is use hare to dye the fiber molecule.
  3. Aftertreatment: loose dyes removes here. Dye fixing chemicals are uses here to fix up the dye material. The fiber is also softening here.


Diagram credit: practicaltextile.com

For better understanding a textile dyeing procedure diagram is given below:


The textile dyeing process depends on three basic part. which are Pretreatment, dyeing , and aftertreatment.

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