dyeing flow chart- with successful implementation practically 2021

Knit fabric dyeing flow chart:

Dyeing is the process of applying the colorant material to the fiber. Knit fabric dyeing flow chart are discussing below. This is the most recent and technical dyeing flow chart. As a result this is using all over the world.

Grey store: Fabric comes from knitting. Fabric arranges here in a systematic way. Fabric keeping here by considering

  • The fabric type like single jercy, terry, fleece,
  • Type of fiber : Cotton, Polyster, Viscoss, Lyocell etc.
  • Fabric specification: 100%cotton, CVC, PC etc
  • yearn lot
  • yearn count

Batching: Preparation of batch for machine according to Buyer order is called batching. Function of batching is

  • Preparation of batch card according to buyer order sheet.
  • Turning the fabric depends on type of treatment need.
  • Make a rope for each nozzle.
  • Delivery it to the dyeing machine

Pretreatment: Here fabric will ready for dyeing. The process are given below

  • Scoring: Remove impurities like oil, wax, darty spot etc
  • Bleaching: Remove the natural color.
  • Enzyme: Remove protroding fiber form the surface of the fabric.

Dyeing: Coloring substance applies here to core of fiber.

Aftertreatment: Loose dyes are remove here.

Unload: Unload the fabric and delivery to finishing department.

Slitting: Fabric are open hare.

Stenter: Fabric dry here. Shrinkage also control here.

Compacting: Finish the fabric and control the Dia, GSM, Shrinkage etc.

This is the basic dyeing process flow chart of knit dyeing.

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